Hetty’s Saturday – Harvest and food markets.


Hey everyone!

The annual farmers marked that more resembles a harvest festival without the music and the dance is coming up soon. I love good farmers market, I always find good produce when I go to a farmers market or a harvest festival. I was supposed to write about yogurt with frozen berried today, but due to family-sickness, I had to come up with something else. So I thought this was the perfect timing to write about food markets. The thing is that if you know me, you know that I love to buy fresh ingredients and if there is a food market in town you can bet I’ll be there.

A few years back we had an Italian food marked on tour here. It was amazing as you can imagine it was. Fresh goods from a variety of regions of Italy. Prosciutto from Parma, cheeses, salami, hams, mortadella, olive oils and much, much more. It was truly amazing, they were here for three or four days and I can say for a fact that I was there at least twice.

In Boston, you got the Copley square farmers marked, in New York, you have the farmers marked on Rockefeller center and many more as well. In Greve in Chianti, Italy you have the weekly farmers market on Saturday’s and Sunday’s on Piazza Matteotti. There are many farmers markets I would love to visit, farmers markets I have visited and many more I will visit in the future.

Sometimes the best place to shop is the farmers market. I often experience that when I go into certain grocery stores their produce is not always as fresh as I want it to be, and sometimes it frustrating. Downtown we have this small local store that always has the best produce in town, the man who owns it always have fresh vegetables and berries, he also has a large variety of flowers that he’s selling. I love this little shop, I go there as much as I can, but I don’t always get to go as much as I want to. We used to live close by but then we moved and now we have to take the bus downtown to go grocery shopping, and it’s not always as easy to drop by as it used to be. But it’s for sure the best shop in town to purchase your flowers, vegetables, fruits, and berries that’s for sure.

What is your favorite thing to buy at the farmers market or at the harvest festival? Do your town have a farmers market? does it have an annual harvest festival? if so what do you love the most about it? Leave a comment down below and let me know. It would be cool to share experiences and memories.

I also have a confession to make. It’s only August and I’ve already started to do my Christmas shopping and I’ve already started to plan this year’s Thanksgiving. Normally it’s just me and my mom celebrating Thanksgiving but this year I’m considering inviting my aunt to come as well. Everything is a little complicated due to my whole family’s health conditions so we’ll just have to see how it goes, but hopefully, we’ll get an amazing Thanksgiving this year and an amazing Christmas. There are many good things to look forward to, a lot can happen before then, but we need to be positive and have hope that everything will be fine.

I hope all of you are having an amazing Saturday morning and I hope to see y’all back here tomorrow for a new post.

  • Hetty

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