Hetty’s weekly post update


Hey everyone!

Quick update before I begin this Tuesday’s post. My sick family members got some new medication to help with their sickness and we are all hopeful that the new medication will work. So today things have been good. Now, over to today’s post.

This Tuesday I’m posting this week’s upcoming posts. I’m really excited about this week’s posts. There are a lot of new recipes coming up, and I have a couple of food-related topics coming up as well and I feel really good about this week. This week I’m making sandwiches for dinner all week. I wanted to try something new, something I hadn’t done before and I’m so excited about this. There has been some talk about me taking my mom out for dinner tomorrow or sometime this week. If this is happening I will be writing a post about that and I really hope we’ll make this happened because I’m super excited about it. I’m actually super excited about all the post I’ll be posting this week. I’m not sure which order I will be posting what but here are this week’s upcoming posts:

  • Tuscan Salami and cheese sub sandwich
  • Grilled ham and cheese sandwich
  • Avocado and turkey sandwich
  • Salmon and scrambled eggs wrap or sandwich ( Pending on what type of bread or wrap I can get a hold of.)
  • Tuna and cheese wrap
  • Mother and Daugther – Dinner with family
  • My grandmother’s secret apple cake recipe – re-post by request.

Today have been a good day for us, and I hope all of you are having an amazing Tuesday so far and I hope to see all of you back here tomorrow for a new post.

  • Hetty

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