Mother/daugther day – family quality time.


Hey everyone!

Today I took my mom out for dinner and when we got home we ended the day with a movie. We had a nice meal at a restaurant downtown at one of our favorite restaurants in town. The food is amazing and the service is great. So after cleaning the house, we went out to eat and we had a really great time. We watched The Great Outdoors when we got back home. I really like that movie, but I have to say that when it comes to comedy movies in the 80’s nothing beats Clark Griswold, his family, and the National Lampoon’s movies. I remember watching those on VHS. Those were the times.  We’ve been watching a lot of old comedy movies lately and I love it.

I love spending time with my mom, the family is everything and I’m so lucky to be her daughter. Tomorrow if my mom is feeling up for it we’re having an at-home spa day. I love our home spa days, we always end up having so much fun. I’m also really excited about tomorrow post.

This was supposed to be a much longer post, but my mom is sleeping and my brain is craving some sleep as well. We got a few long days ahead, and I really need my beauty sleep.  I just wanted to tell you all about our special dinner today, eating out. We had such an amazing time.

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