A food talk, fall talk Thursday with Hetty


Hey everyone!

today I was supposed to be making grilled ham and cheese sandwiches with fries. It didn’t work out that way. Like life, cooking has a way of its own sometimes and things don’t turn out like you expect them to. The grilled ham and cheese sandwiches went fine I guess, but I forgot all about the fries and by then it was too late. So my post about grilled ham and cheese sandwiches with fries went out of the window. But that said, when something goes out of the window, a new idea suddenly fly back in. Is that a saying? if not it should be.

Fall is such a  beautiful season to do anything, writing and cooking wise at least. Drinking my afternoon coffee and listening to the raindrops hitting my window is one of my favorite things about fall. Every day when I walk my dogs I can see the leaves on the trees changing day by day.  It makes me think about all the great dishes that comes with fall. A variety of stews and soups, hot chocolate, cozy family nights and lighting candles and curl up under a blanket watching a Hallmark-fall movie while the wind and the rain is storming outside in the chilly atmosphere outside of your front door.

A new season brings new dishes, new recipes, and new ideas. I don’t know for sure which dishes I will be making or creating this fall, but I have a feeling it will be good. Good food is best served in a good company that will make a great memory. I love hosting dinner parties for family and friends. There is something magical about getting together with family and friends and shear a good meal.

There is always something I love about each season food-wise and everything else wise.  A new season brings out so much amazing, I always get inspired by when a new season is about to start. inspired writing wise but also when it comes to cooking. Talking about new seasons, football season is about to start and I’m super excited about it. This fall I will for sure post something Sunda-game-night related. Nacho’s or maybe some sub sandwiches that are perfect for any football game. I’m sure I can figure out something. What is your favorite food or snack to eat while watching the game? Maybe you have a favorite thing to drink as well. Leave a comment down below and add which team you are rooting for as well. It will be fun, I’m looking forward to hearing from Y’all.

Today’s photo is a collage of my fall decorations so far outside our door. Nothing orange yet, but hopefully that will come at a later time.

I hope all of you are having an amazing Thursday so far and I hope to see y’all back here tomorrow for a new post.

  • Hetty

2 thoughts on “A food talk, fall talk Thursday with Hetty

  1. Great post xx

    Check out todays post & let me know your thoughts 💗💗💗

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