Hetty’s mid-week update and I’m back!


Hey everyone!

It’s Wednesday already, It’s been a tough couple of days. ( Since Sunday.)  Phone calls, doctors, professors you name it. On Sunday-Monday  I had to monitor a sick family member and yesterday F*** up my foot somehow so I have trouble walking on it, and today I’ve had several phone-call-meetings with the hospital, and I’m waiting for this professor to call me back regarding a paper I need to include in my application for this program that gives sick people money so they can have a close to normal life even though they’re sick. It’s complicated, I’m not dying so don’t you worry. I just have complicated diagnoses. This is why I’ve been away from blogging since Sunday. Things are going forward, things are looking better. I’ve been able to find a way to balance it all. I’ve been struggling with getting everything done that needs to be done the past few months, and I’ve tried a variety of things to make it all work, but I’ve been failing and I’m sorry about that. When my mom has “bad” days I can’t cook or use the kitchen, but I have a plan to make it all work anyway. The day’s my mom is sick I will be having food talks with Hetty and when she’s doing ok I will be posting new recipes and stuff like that. it’s just taken me a lot longer than I first expected to make it all go together, but I’m learning as I go. Luckily I’ve now found out what to do and how to do it. Again, I’m sorry for not being here for the past few days. I’m back and now that I have a plan for the good and the bad days I’m here to stay.

Now, finally over to something food related.  Today I’m just throwing together some leftover pasta for dinner, nothing fancy just something I had in the fridge. It’s that kind of day when you have a ton of things to do and so little time to do it. I’m drowning in things that need to be done. In times like these leftovers are key to making the day work. I’m forever grateful for having that bowl of leftover pasta in the fridge today. Tomorrow I’m going to be 100% focused on my writing and there are a few good posts coming up this week that I’m really excited about. I have two baking projects coming up, a what’s in my fridge post and more. What’s baking this week you might wonder. Well, this week I’m baking cinnamon buns and I’m baking Chocolate chip Cookies. Both recipes give you a lot of baked goods which means my cookie jar, and my freezer will be packed with baked goods. It’ nice when you have people coming over and you just give’em a cookie.

That sounded a lot more strange than I did it my head. But it’s always good to have something to offer if you get unexpected guests. Imagine the wiredness if you open the door; there is a door-to-door salesman, and you’d be like: No, sorry we don’t want anything today. But hey! wait a second here’s cookies to go! He would be shocked I Imagine, but at least you didn’t open the door in vain I guess. I could never do that, but it would be fun to see how they would react. But on the other hand, you might end up getting more door-to-door salesmen this way if the cookies are good so that’s something to take under consideration.

I posted a long time ago a recipe on cinnamon buns but this week’s recipe is new and improved. I will replace the old one with a new one. The thing about me and cinnamon buns are that they don’t always cooperate. It’s the same question every time I bake cinnamon buns ‘ Will they dough rise to double size or will it not?’  It’s always 50/50 with me, I never know and I follow the recipe to each little detail every single time. A mystery unsolved I would categorize it as.

What a week, what a day what a morning, what an afternoon. that covers it all, but it could be worse so I’m happy that this far this day have been pretty ok. As I’m writing this I’m enjoying my cup of coffee, watching Chopped on Food Network.  I really like that show for the most time. It’s hard to pick out one favorite show on that channel because it’s so many great shows. On my top 10 list, I would say that The kitchen is pretty high up on the list. But like I said +it’s hard to choose because they’re so many incredibly good shows on Food Network. What’s your favorite show/shows on Food Network? leave a comment down below.

I’m not sure which post will be coming up tomorrow, if I’m baking or if I’m posting a food talk with Hetty post or if I will be posting the what’s in my fridge post. But either way, hopefully, it will be a great post.

I’m signing off the kitchen today, I hope all of you are having an amazing Wednesday so far and I hope to see y’all back here tomorrow for a new post.

  • Hetty

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