Hetty’s taco Thursday food talk

Hey everyone!

I’m still waiting for the professor to call but I got the stranges text from the doctor’s office about a letter regarding me from another hospital that my doctor wants me to see ASAP. I’m picking up the letter tomorrow at the doctor’s office. I have no idea what so ever what this might be rewarding and it’s kinda bugging me that I don’t know what this is all about. But I will know for sure tomorrow I guess. I also have to go by the post office to send something to a friend of mine in Texas and I have to pick up some prescriptions for my mom as well. I guess tomorrow will be a busy day around here and on top of that I’m planning to bake, so we’ll have to see how that goes.

Food related I had a taco Thursday instead of Taco Tuesday today.. it might have been two days too late but it was so worth the wait! All I have to say is yum! We always have use Old El Paso and Santa Maria products. I know a lot of people is like Noooo! But to me it’s so much more than that. It’s personal, the flavors remind me of my childhood, it takes me back to the good old days. Life can twist and turn but the flavors I grew up with will always be the same. I love that when you use the same products your parents used when cooking for you as a child it brings you right back to that dining table with your family, free of worries and life was a playground. I think it’s epic that food and drinks can bring you right back to when you were a happy kid. I love how food can drag you down memory lane and that you by one single bit can creat memories. Food is a powerful thing and it can bring back the best of memories.

This was my little nostalgic post for today.

I hope y’all are having an amazing Thursday so far and I hope to see y’all back here tomorrow for a new post.


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