Holidays – Will the guest show up or not? That’s the question.

Hey everyone!

As you know I lost my mom and things are complicated at the moment. There are paper-work up to the roof and beyond, and to be honest it’s a lot to deal with on top of everything else going on. The funeral was beautiful but very sad.  Now all that’s left to do is to do is to figure out all the economic issues and sort everything out. There is so much to do, luckily I have three people who are helping me with all of this, and I’m over the moon grateful for that.

As you all know, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I have invited my dear aunt Liv, and my mom’s cousin Nicolay for this year’s dinner. I hope that both of them will come. They are dealing with health issues themselves so there is always a possibility that I will end up “celebrating” Thanksgiving alone this year. The first holidays without your mom is the worst. I will try my very best to make it as good as it can be, as normal as it possibly could be. Problem is that when you try to make it all perfect it might fall completely apart. But as I said, I will do my best to make this holiday season a great one.

First thing first, Thanksgiving. when it’s a 50/50 chance that you will end up celebrating Thanksgiving alone it gives you a light punch in the stomach. But if I end up being alone at Thanksgiving, then so be it, I will celebrate with dignity anyway. Hold my head up high, make the best turkey this family have ever seen and I will eat it while binge-watching if necessary. As I’m writing this I realize that I sound like a complete and utterly loner. I badly need a backup plan, I will as we speak to try to invite more people to my Thanksgiving dinner party in case everyone somehow can’t come after all. Yes, that sounds like a plan. then comes the issue, how many turkeys do I then need in case everyone suddenly shows up? Another thing I need to solve. It’s not a problem so therefore I will call it a thing I need to solve. Yes, I sound like a loner, but the truth is I’m parentless, I’m an orphan at 28.  That sounded wired, anyway this was a wired post, so I guess anything goes.

I will try to post a more not so wired post tomorrow. But today this was wired, and strange and who knows what but tomorrow is a new day and it might be a better one than today.

Love Y’all, and thanks for reading my rather strange post today.

  • Hetty

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