Hetty’s Life update

Hey everyone! 

What a week, or should I say what a day. Well, to be honest; Both. It’s been stressful, all the paperwork, all the things that need to be done considering my debt and my mom’s debt. I have to sell the house and find somewhere else to live for a price there are no homes available. I’m looking every day, but still, is nothing. But I have decided that I’m going to make this December the best one ever. I have no idea what so ever on how to do that. but I will try t I o do my best. I do need all the prayers I can get to solve all of this. I don’t e every day but will soon be back to my normal writing and blogging rutin but I need to find a place to live first. I will know more next Monday. Hopefully, nothing changes my plans for December.

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