December with Hetty countdown to Christmas day 3.

Hey everyone! 

December with Hetty Countdown to Christmas day 3. Today I manage to get some Christmas shopping done. I’m continuing my Christmas shopping tomorrow so hopefully I will be able to get completely done with all my Christmas shopping tomorrow. I do have a lot of Christmas related foods to buy though, people tend to eat a lot during the holidays and no matter how fun it is to have the house full of family and guests it’s expansive. It’s like people drink and eat more in three days then what they normally do in a year. I love the holidays more than food itself but I had no idea just how expensive it actually is to have the house full. Lucky for me I get some of the money back because everyone knows my budget is super tight thee days.

I’m excited about cooking all the food on Christmas eve and Christmas day and the day after that but I’m also terrified that I’m not able to make it as great as my mom did. But I’m trying to think of it as I will get better in the next decade or so. But I want everything to be perfect, and I want everyone to have a good time. I just hope they all do, and that this Christmas and that this December is the best ever. I feel like I owe it to my mom to show her and my grandma that I can do this, that I can make December the best month ever. So I’m doing my very best to make that happen. I feel the pressure all right but in a way, it’s a good kind of pressure, the one that drives me. The kind of pressure that makes you wanna succeed even more. It’s hard to explain, but it’s like magic dragging me through Christmas and December and I got to jump on the sleigh and guide the rain-deer in the right direction and I’m doing good so far, only the cooking is what I’m most worried about to be honest. The whole of December is planned so I’m fully booked. But the food and the cooking on Christmas Eve, Christmas day and the day after that is what I’m terrified of failing, failing to be as good as my mom, to be honest. 

Tomorrow I have a surprise post for y’all and I think you are going to like it, a perfect thing to do in month of December. I hope all of you have a nice December 3rd and a wonderful Monday. I hope this post wasn’t too boring, I was supposed to make this post all about my hot coco with marshmallows inn.But to my wondering eye should appear no milk the fridge oh dear.. So my whole super fun post of today went down the drain, but I tried to make the bets out of it, and I promise you that tomorrow will be a lot better. 

I hope to see all of you back here tomorrow for a new post; December with Hetty countdown to Christmas day 4! 

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