December with Hetty – Day 5!

Hey everyone! 

December 5th and we are officially 5 days closer to Christmas. I’ve been wrapping Christmas presents all day. Every year when I wrap Christmas gifts I tend to make a day out of it. Every gift this year is wrapped except for the one I’ve ordered online that I haven’t gotten yet.  I’m sitting here with my Christmas mug all filled up with hot cocoa and marshmallows floating around like snowmen dipping in the sea. I really love my Christmas mug, it really gets me into the Christmas spirit.  

This year on December 26th I got some guests coming over. There is my aunt Liv, my mom’s cousin Nikolai then there is this really sweet little lady called Bjorg. I’ve seen her twice; Once in my confirmation party and once at my mom’s funeral. I’ve heard she’s someone’s cousin but I have honestly no clue what so ever how she’s related to us, or who she really is. But in the end, I don’t really care because she’s so sweet. She also works for the salvation army or worked. I’m sure she’s way over 90 by now.

While the Christmas mug is all filled up, the marshmallows are floating and I’m watching Christmas movies on Netflix while writing this post. Thing is I just realized that I’m only halfway through my pile of Christmas cards. I have a lot of Christmas cards to write this year. I’m hand delivering every card expect one to my Bestie Leigh Ann who lives in Fort Worth, Texas. I’m really excited about this years Card-writing even though I never really know what to write. But somehow it always ends up OK. At least I haven’t heard any complains yet.  It’s ironic because I’m a writer and I should know what to write, but my mind always goes blank.

As of dinner today I decided to go to slices of bread, nothing fancy or complicated at all. Sometimes you just have to go for a different approach. I’m thinking of making a sandwich for a late night snack.  I have some turkey slices that are spiced with garlic and black pepper, and I’ll probably going to use a couple of slices of that, some cheese, maybe a thin layer of mayo and some slices of cucumber and top it all off with some slices of good cheese. 

Tomorrow my aunt Liv is coming over and staying until Sunday. I’m sure I’ll post some photos from her visit tomorrow. 

I hope all of you have an amazing December 5th and I hope to see y’all back here tomorrow for a new post. 

  • Hetty

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