Hetty’s December – Day 13th

Hey everyone! 

Today was the first day in a few days that I’ve actually wanted to cook. Food hasn’t exactly been the first thing on my mind lately. Ever since my mom passed away I’ve not been that hungry, even though I’ve wanted to cook it’s been difficult because I haven’t really had any cravings for food. But today I was actually wanting to make something for dinner and that is something I haven’t been feeling for a while. The fact that I’ve been wanting to cook, but not been able to because I’m not hungry have actually been the reason and the force that has driven me to the new food project that I have been planning for when I move next year. I’m really excited about it and I’m very excited about sharing it with all of you. I feel like The new year that is coming is going to be a new start for me, a new beginning. It’s terrifying and it feels good at the same time. It’s very difficult to explain. But food wise I’m excited, and I will use the rest of December to write my ass off to get my book done. I know that’s what my mom would have wanted, and I’m dedicating the book to her. I also know how much my mom loved my food blog which is also a part of what is given me the strength to plan my new food project for Hetty’s home kitchen next year. 

Today I came up with a new recipe that is coming up on the new year, the reason why I’m not posting the recipe today is because it’s part of my new project coming up and I think y’all are going to love it. 

As of December 13th, we’re 13 days closer to Christmas and the fact that I’m making the whole Christmas dinner this year is nerve wreaking. But I’m going to dive in head first, do my best and hope for the best. Hopefully it will turn out eatable, and perfect as my mom would have wanted. If not, then I just have to have a backup plan. 

I hope all of you are having an amazing December 13th and I hope to see all of you back here soon for a new post. I will hopefully be back tomorrow if everything goes as planned. 

  • Hetty

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