Food Talk Thursday with Hetty

Hey everyone!

Another food-talk-Thursday with Hetty, I hope y’all are having an amazing day and are ready for today’s post. I’m diving into the New York food culture. I think it’s pretty amazing that you can get the whole world on a plate in the big apple. The city of New York comprises a lot of different cuisines from a large variety of countries. A lot of different ethnic groups have entered through New York, including my very own Scandinavian ancestors. Some of the cuisines are associated with specific neighborhoods like it’s not rocket science that you’ll find Italian food in little Italy, or that you will find Chinese food when you’re walking through Chinatown. In Korea town, you’ll find Korean food and if you’re in East Harlem you will be experiencing the Puerto Rican, Italian, Dominican and Mexican food cultures and cuisines. I really love that you can find so many food cultures baked into one town, it’s truly amazing and it makes it easier if you; Say have no money to travel the world, then you don’t have to because you’ll have such a large variety of food cultures in your own backyard.

Another thing I really love about the food culture in New York is the street food, walking home from a night out with the girls you know there is always a food truck right around the corner with the perfect late night snack before walking home early in the morning sunrise.

A day in the park you can buy something from the Central Park snack shop or from the large variety of food trucks around the park. It’s perfect for a Sunday with the family or with your best friends. Perfect if you ask me.

Food talk with Hetty, I love it when you can enjoy so much good food in one place, the world is an amazing place to live, and New York even better.

I hope all of you are having an amazing day and I hope to see y’all back here tomorrow for a new post.

  • Hetty

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