Hetty’s Zucchini & Mushrooms

Hey everyone!

Looking for the perfect side dish that you can serve with your steak, poultry, pork, lamb you name it? Well, that’s exactly what today’s post is all about. There are hundreds of perfect side dishes out there and today’s dish is simply on of many but it’s a dish I make often, that I simply love. Not only because it’s easy to make but also because it tastes amazing and is worth making. You can also give this dish a twist by adding your own favorite vegetables with the mushrooms and the zucchini. It’s so simple and tasty, and it’s a recipe that is going to be a hit for sure.

When I’m cooking lamb, pork or stake I prefer to have a side dish that is flavorful yet not that complicated to make because I got my hands full with the meat and all. This is perfect, it doesn’t take a lot of time to make, and it goes perfect with your meat for dinner. It’s a win win if you ask me. When I say that I usually make this dish a lot I wasn’t kidding. I make it as a side dish more often than not.( When I’m having stake, chicken, turkey, pork etc.)

This recipe serves about two people, but you can easily multiply it and make as much as you want.


1 Green Zucchini

250 g Mushrooms

Italian seasoning



Red chili flakes



How to make Hetty’s Zucchini/Mushroom side dish;

  1. Add a dash of butter and some EVOO into an Iron frying pan. Wash the zucchini then peel it, cut it in half lengthwise. Then slice it up and put it aside in a bowl. Slice up the mushrooms and add them into the pan when the butter has melted on medium/high heat.
  2. Season with Mushrooms with salt and pepper. Let it fry until the water has absorbed. (if you have any liquid left in the pan after 10 minutes, drain it. ) Add in the zucchini and let it simmer for about five minutes. Season with Italian seasoning mix and red chili flakes. ( again if there is any liquid left in the pan, drain it before adding it to a serving bowl.

It’s as easy as it sounds, and it’s for sure worth a try of you in general love or like Zucchini and mushrooms. You can also add in slices of onions etc, whatever you prefer; add it.

Thanks for reading today’s post. I hope y’all are having an amazing Thursday and I hope to see y’all back here tomorrow for a new post..

Coming up tomorrow; Southern food culture with Hetty

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