The Southern food culture with Hetty.

Hey everyone!

It’s Friday, a new weekend is upon us. It’s Food talk Friday with Hetty and today’s topic is Southern food culture. Grab a cup of coffee, sit down and dive into the southern food culture with me this wonderful afternoon.

We all love and adore the the southern hospitality. The people are so nice, and welcoming. The southern food culture are truly amazing and inspiring in so many ways. Peach pie, Pecan pie, a large variety of stews ( seafood and meat.) Sweet tea, they’re amazing at making Lemonade. I love how cozy and warm their cooking is despite the humidity and high heat. Who doesn’t love zipping to a ice cold lemonade or sweet tea while sitting on the porch under a fan. I would have loved that and I hope that when I’m old and grey that I will own my own little house sitting out that porch somewhere in the south zipping a ice cold lemonade under the fan. That is life you know, it’s almost like i’m looking forward to be 80, just almost but not yet. I have a lot to do before then. I need to live my life to the fullest so I can tell my grand-kids stories about my life, on that very porch. So It’s time to start cooking, living and be amazing.

Back to the southern food culture. A typical “southern meal” usually contains, pan-fried chicken, some sort of filled peas and some corn pone or cornbread as for dessert there is a no brainer that this would be a good tasting sweet pie.

Did you know that the Scots had a tradition of deep frying their Chicken in fat, and that’s how it somehow ended up in the southern food culture? The southern food culture has influence from English, African, Scottish, Irish, Native American and Spanish cuisine. You will also notice that Creole, Floribbean and Lowcountry cooking is very common in southern cooking. They create dishes and make dishes that are hundreds of years old that have economical friendly ingredients and the flavors are amazing. This is truly evidence that you can use whatever you have in your cabinets and make affordable great flavored dishes that your whole family will love and adore. That right there is something that I really love.

One day I would love to visit the South, I’m trying to schedule a trip to Texas in time for Halloween but it all depends on my book really.

Signing off the kitchen for today but I will be back tomorrow with a new post. I hope y’all are having an amazing Friday and I hope to see Y’all back here tomorrow for a new post.

Coming up tomorrow; Hetty’s marinated pork burrito/wrap

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