Hetty’s Tuesday movie night

Hey everyone!

Tuesday, sometimes you just need a movie night after a long day. That’s exactly what I’m doing today. Curling up in bed watching my favorite movies on Netflix and simply relax. Speaking of movie nights; what’s your favorite movie snack?

My favorite movie snack depends on where I’m watching the movie, to be honest. If I’m going to the movies I normally buy popcorn, skittles and milk dots. That way I get the sourness from the skittles, the salty warm popcorn, and sweetness from the milk dots. A perfect combination of everything. But if I’m watching a long movie I usually buy a little more.

When I’m at home I normally go for Doritos or maybe some M&M’s or popcorn. It sort of depends on what mood I’m in and it depends on what I have laying around the cabinets. today I’m going for popcorn. Plain and simple, but yet so good and perfect for a movie night on a Tuesday. I don’t have snacks every time I watch a movie though.

What’s your favorite movie snack? maybe you have some crazy good movie snack recipe to share? no matter what your favorite movie snack is, leave a comment down below and let see what y’all think.

Signing off the kitchen for today, and looking forward to enjoying my popcorn and a movie or maybe two on Netflix before falling asleep.

I hope ya’ll are having an amazing Tuesday so farm and I hope to see ya’ll back here tomorrow for a new post.

Coming up tomorrow; Croissants with ham and cheese – delish dish Wednesday.

  • Hetty

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