Hetty is back with new recipes this week.

Hey everyone!

Wow, it’s been a long time since I last wrote. I’ve been feeling a little under the weather lately and I haven’t eaten much since the last time I posted. But I’m all better now and finally ready to get to work in my new kitchen in my new apartment and I’m over the moon excited about it. I’ve decided to really go for it this week. I have a bunch of new recipes coming up and most of them, if not all of them are recipes I’ve never even tried before. these recipes are a mix of family recipes, my own creations and ideas from all of you. So I’m happy, a little nervous and positive about this weeks posts and recipes. It can go two ways, either it tastes amazing or I mess it all up and it becomes a post of how to make the dish. Either way I’m very excited to get started and to get back into the game.

As many of you might know I have a immunodeficiency disease called Hypogammaglobulinemia. It’s a long complicated diagnose. Basically it means I’m sick a lot, and sometimes that affects my writing but I try to do my best to write a post every day, even on the bad days when I don’t get to cook. But ‘m hopeful that this week I will be fine and I will be able to cook and write all week. Do you want to know what’s on the menu this week? Well, you’re in luck, here is this weeks menu on Hetty’s home kitchen;

  • Bacon wrapped dates with blue cheese
  • Mousaka made from scratch
  • Stuffed portobello mushrooms
  • Brownies with a creamy chocolate frosting
  • Pasta Carbonera sauce

I’m excited about this weeks menu even though I risk failing drastically, but then again failing is part of life, and if I do fail then it will be a post about how not to do it. So either way I’m excited and ready to begin. Starting tomorrow with one of the above recipes.

I hope y’all are having an amazing Tuesday so far and I hope to see y’all back here tomorrow for a new post, for a new recipe.

  • Hetty

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