Monday-Tuesday weekly food update!

Hey everyone!

One day late, I went out yesterday to do some grocery shopping and ended up eating at this little cool cafe-like restaurant, it was an Asian buffet, and it had a medium variety of different Asian dishes. It was actually pretty good and when I got home I had a cup of coffee before heading to bed. It was a long day even though it doesn’t sound like it.

I’m excited about this weeks posts as I said on Sunday. There are a medium variety of dishes, recipes, restaurant reviews and more coming up this week. Starting tomorrow I will be presenting a simple chicken fillet dish that is perfect for any day of the week. On Thursday I’m making brownies with a chocolate cream cheese frosting and coming up on Friday is a Red velvet cake mix from Betty Crocker, that could be interesting. Never tried that before so that could be fun. I’m also using a Betty Crocker icing so wish me good luck. Sometimes i think it’s easier to make everything from scratch then to use cake mixes and pre-made icing. Which makes this a bit of a challange for me, but I love a good challenge so this should be fun. The cake i for Chris’s Birthday so hopefully it looks great when it’s done.

Then on Saturday I will be posting a restaurant review of a Greek restaurant down-town called Knossos. Sunday’s post will be posted on Monday as “Chris’s Birthday weekend” post. My best friend Chris is coming over on Friday and he’s staying until Monday. He turns 29 on Thursday so we will be celebrating all weekend.

Dinner today is just a fish dish that I’m just going to throw in the oven and serve with boiled potatoes, carrots and melted butter with chopped chives. It’s not something I’m going to make from scratch so I’m not going to write about it, but I will be posting a photo of it on Instagram later on today, so if you want to see how it all turned out simply just follow me on Instagram Henriette9090 – looking forward to see y’all on Instagram.

A small update is that I might be going to the New York and New Orleans in May to blog about the food culture, a variety of food trucks, food markets, I will also be going there in hope of getting a meeting with a publishing agent for my book. I will on top of all this be celebrating my birthday in New York this year. It will be a writing/blogging/birthday celebrating trip. I will also try to squeeze in some adventures as well, hopefully I will get to visit six flags, the empire state building and more.

I hope y’all are having an amazing Tuesday so far and I hope to see y’all back here tomorrow for a new post.

  • Hetty

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