Hetty’s Sunday update

Hey everyone!

Getting my treatment today. I’m using this Sunday to relax as much as possible and of course get as much writing done as I can. Next week is the “Week of Easter” as I’m calling it.

Monday; I’m going to pick up some stuff at the post office, then back home to write.

Tuesday: I have to take an MRI of my head, then I’ll be shopping for flowers and some stuff I need for the Easter holiday.

Wednesday; I’m going out to buy some more chairs for the dining room due to some of them are broken and because I have guests coming over this Easter I need six chairs in total, now I only have two. I’ll also be buying a vacuum cleaner and a fence to the deck on in the “back yard” so that the dogs can run around the deck without running away.

Thursday; My aunt live comes over and is staying until Monday. We might drop by some family members down town in the next town over for some Easter activities.

Friday; We’re going to an art gallery.

Saturday; The guests are arriving and Ii’m serving a three course dinner.

Sunday: Large family Easter breakfast and then staying in and probably playing board games with my aunt and drink hot chocolate.

Monday; My aunt Liv goes back home. ( she might stay a day longer, I don’t really know for sure yet.)

As you can see my Easter holiday is fully booked. I’m exhausted only thinking about it, because I have a lot f pressure on me to get this book finished before leave for New York. I’m going to write all night if I need to just to get this book done in time before I leave. That’s why I’m stressed, not the Easter holiday itself, only the fact that I don’t get to write as much as I need to.

On top of trying to get my book done in time I’m also working on what I’ll be blogging about food wise while I’m in New York and New Orleans. If any of you have any ideas about what I should try to eat, where I should eat and if there are any groceries stores or small food shops I should visit, or if there are any farmers markets etc bottom line if you have any food related tips for me that I should blog about, food trucks included then send me an e-mail and I will get back to as soon as I can.

While I’m traveling I will be posting updates on my Facebook all the time, twitter as well. You can P.M me on Facebook through my site and I will be available all the time, so you can drop me a message there anytime. You can of course do that anytime but during my trip I will posting a lot on there and before I go I will share my social media account on here, snap chat, twitter, Facebook etc so that y’all can be apart of my trip as much want.

This was my Sunday update, I will get back to y’all later and I hope you have an amazing Easter week.

  • Hetty

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