Hetty’s back from New York.

Hey everyone!

I’m back from my trip to New York, Just got in the day before yesterday. It’s been an experience for life for sure. Though, I haven’t been feeling too good the past couple of weeks, I’ve had trouble eating because even the thought of food have made me sick. All of this mostly having to do with some problems regarding my medications. But I’m truly feeling better and I’m back on my medications for nausea and dizziness and I’m feeling a lot better. But because food was a problem for me while I was in new York I sadly didn’t get the chance to go to all the amazing food/farmers markets and anything food related. It was hard for me because I love food, and I love to blog about food, so to take a step back from anything food related was not easy.

But as I said, I’m feeling better, and next time I’m going to my doctors office I will talk to him about my heart going nuts when flying etc. Yes, I’ve had some problems with my heart rhythm while I was traveling, but I didn’t want to see a doctor while I was in New York , simply because I was afraid that I couldn’t fly back home so I decided not to. But I have decided to see my doctor and talk to him about it next time I’m there.

It’s been an amazing vacation even though I’ve had some health problems. WE made the best of it, and we got to see and experience a lot in only a 14 days period of time.

Back to blogging, writing and my everyday life, today it’s raining, I’ve been for a walk with the dogs and they love the rain. Well, Stella does, Cita don’t like the rain as much. On my scheduled today is planning this weeks blog posts and recipes.

Sunday fun day with Hetty and the dogs

Improved moussaka dinner kit – for my readers in Norway

Stuffed pita with taco seasoning twist

Binge watching Saturday with wine

Best expensive Italian restaurant in New York

Allergic to seafood – A real New Orleans challenge.

Summer food for a rainy day pie or stew?

These are the upcoming posts this week and I’m really excited about it. i’m excited to be back, and experimenting in the kitchen and make/create new recipes is great. The thing about being sick all the time is that you can’t really plan what to do or what to eat because you never know how you are going to feel in the morning. But I’m planning on having a backup post plan for the days I’m not feeling well.

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