Europe’s Largest Theme park !

Hey everyone!

Let’s start with why I didn’t post anything as planned yesterday. I suddenly went to visit Europs largest theme park in Sweden.

I was about to go to sleep late Monday night. I was preping for a long day of writing the next day. Then I got a call from two of my friends, Belle and Mathilde. They told me that I needed to get up earily the next day because they’d planned that we were going to go to Europs largest theme park called Liseberg in Goteborg. At first I was a little stunned, I was exhausted and wasn’t really sure going was the best thing to do. But they convinced me it would be great and off we went. I slept 2 and a half hours, I woke up with a fever and I was exhausted from my infection, but I had some breakfast, went for a long walk with the dogs by first dawn, and I pused myself to be happy and put a smile on my face even though I wasn’t feeling too good.

They picked me up and we had so much fun driving to the park, and when we got there it was packed with people and that was only half an hour after the park opened. We stood in line for 2 hours to take europs longest roller coaster, it was fun, horrible and it sceread me to death to be honest all in one. I’m glad I decided to take it, but I’m not taking it again I think. By the time we were done with our first rollercoaster, Belle and Mathilde went off to take some other rides while I was relaxing on a bench in the shadows. I had gotten a rash on my face, and my fever was all over the place. I went ona couple of more rides and we had so much fun, and when they took several other attractions I was safe and sound on the ground on my bench in the shadows where I happened to meet two amazing Swedish ladies whom was just as afraid as I was, and they loved the bench in the shadows as well. So there we where sitting on the bench in the shadows, watching all kinds of people walking by, looking at life, talkimg about life and it was very relaxing and a paradise in the heat for sure.

Later Belle, Mathilde and me went to eat burgers at a burgershop called Max. I orderd a Liseberg burger without lettuce and without bacon. The burger itself was kind good, but the place itself was unclean, dirty and not very delicate. There was trash on the floor, straws, fries, napkins etc, and the A/C was dripping into Belle’s head several times. So the food was good and the place was dirty. If there where to be a heath inspection the shop would be closed. I guess so would the bathroom facilities as well for that matter . But all inn all we all had an amazing day together. Three good friends on a road trip to Europe’s largest Theme Park. I love my two good friends to bits and I’m raising my glass of Coke. Even though I was sick, and the fever was killing me I had an amazing time and I’m so greateful that they brought me with them on this trip.

I’m not feeling too good, so I’m going to go to bed early today and hopefully I will feel better in the morning. My tip of the day .. Don’t eat plumms.

I hope all of you had an amazing day and I hope to see y’all back here tomorrow for a new post unless I’m super sick or something, fingers crossed I’m not and that tomorrows post goes as planned because it’s a good one, I can promise you that.

  • Hetty

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