inflammation, food and cooking!

Hey everyone!

What a week, or what some weeks to be honest. The night of my last post I suddenly got this intense pain in my left hand, I didn’t think muvh off it then. The next day my hand was even worse, and it got more swollen my the minute. I went to the local medical center to check it out, just to be sure. I had a bad inflamination in my left hand and today is the first day since then that I’m off painkillers and my first day without a bandage. It’s still a little swollen and my hand shivers from time to time but I can finally cook with two hands and finally get back to my writing again. It’s been intense but now It looks like I’m good to go again. i’m not eating much these days but that doesn’t mean I can cook something for y’all and that doesn’t mean I can’t write about food.

I’m going to a music festival next weekend, I’m excited and not at the same time. I’m missing a tooth, I’m exhausted and I look like Hell. But hey! who’s complaining. It’s like when all you want to do is stay in bed in Pj’s bingewatching movies all weekend but you have to go out and about all weekend. The the week after that I’m going on a “vacation” to an Island. Not revealing where I’m going until the day arrives. Two hints I can give you is that 1. It’s in Europe, 2. I’ve been there four times before. I said something about me vlogging about my trip to New York, Sadly I didn’t do that. But I will be vlogging everyday of my two weeks vacation on the Isaland. It’s not a foodie-related trip, it’s more like a relax by the pool go out for drinks in the evening kinda vacation. I have no idea how this vlog thing will work out but I will try my best and I will be posting a lot from when I wake up until I go to bed on Snapchat and instagram. I’m also planning on going on Live on Insta, maybe even facebook.

I have planned everything and nothing at the same time, it’s a little confusing. But I’ve planned every sort of what I’m doing on social media but not what I’m actually doing on my vacation. Make sense? no, but yet yes..

I’m not eating these days as I said before and today is the day I’m supposed to plan what to have for dinner all of next week. I’m working on my book Tuesday to Thursday. Tomorrow my hair stylist is coming over to fix my hair for the event this weekend, and then a friend of mine is staying at my apartment next weekend to watch the dogs while I’m at the festival. This upcoming week though I’m going to share some of my childhood food memories with y’all and I’m super excited about it.

Tacos the way I had it whike growing up

Low budget dinner – a repost in a new post. Because this dish means a lot to me and I will tell you all about it in this new post.

Game day food at the stadium – the best experience ever!

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