OMG! What a week!

Hey everyone!

I don’t even know where to beign, I will starart at the begining. Just when I thought I’m ready to start my life again, something happened. The night of my last post I realized that I had a lump of infection under my right breast and I went stright down to the local medical center. They told me I had to go to my regular doctor the next day over. When I got to my regular doctor, he was on vacation so they told me to speak to this intern instead. He looked at the lump of infection and he told me he was afraid I would get blood poisening and that I had to have a minor surgery the next day. I had an early apointment at the hospital and got the minor surgery, I was only sedadted so I was awake the whole time. Ever since the surgery on Friday I’ve been trying to recover as best as possible. I went back to the hospital on Monday morning for a check up, and they said everything looked good, and that everything was starting to heal perfectly. But they are still a little worried about me getting a bloodpoisening so if I get infected again while I’m on my vacation I have to go to the hospital asap while I’m there, somehting I’m not really happy about doing if that happens. I’m exhausted, but I’m leaving for my vacation tomorrow, first stop is the airport hotel where we’re spending the first ngiht then we leav on Thursday morning. Our plane leaves at 6.45 am. Can’t say I’m looking forward to wake up in the middle of the night but oh, well.

I will do my best to document my vacation on youtube, snapchat, twitter, instagra, and facebook. I will post the details down below so you can follow me on my vacation. First snap off the day is out on my-story – Let the traveling begin.

Snapchat: Henriette9090

Instagram; Henriette90




@HenriettemariaAndersen (Henriette ‘Hetty’ Maria Andersen)


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