Fall – A season to love <3 :)

Hey everyone!

Yesterday my whole apartment was spinning around so no time to do much else than stay put in bed and go for walks with the dogs. Sometimes my treatment that I have twice a week make me dizzy, cold, nauses and have a high pulse. Basically that’s what happened yeserday. I wasn’t feeling too good, so when I started my treatment I went to bed to watch TV and relax. The result being that the whole room was spinning for four hours. But even though I’m used to the side effects and everything that comes with my conditon it’s still a little annoying sometimes. But this is why I don’t always write a post everyday even when I say I will because I never know what might happen, or how I feel when I wake up in the morning. But I’m always positive no matter what and just becaue I have a bad day doesn’t mean that I can’t make the best of it.

Before my treatment I decided to have an super early dinner, and I made Chili stew. I mean how yummy is that? A good bowl of stew for a rainy fall day in September is part of what I love about the fall. The recipe for this stew will be posted here tomorrow and I have a good feeling that you will like it.

Also happening tomorrow is my friend Belle is coming over to help me mow the lawn, and I’m making dinner for her as a Thank you for helping me out. I will post some photos and make a post about it on Friday.

I’m excited about this week, if eveyrhting goes as planned I’m also planing to bake my favorite cake of the season of fall ; My grandmothers apple cake, that will also be a post hopefully posted on Sunday and I will be linking my grandmothers recipe in the post as well. ( Because I’ve posted the recipe before.)

I cna’t express enough how much I loooove the rain and fall, it’s so cozy and I totally and fully adre it! Don’t get me wrong I love all the other season equally as much but there is something great about every season and ecpesially when It finally arrives. It’s like at the end of each season I’m looking forward to the next one to start. Sitting on my dining ta1ble looking out on the rain hitting on the window next to me, lighting candles and enjoy a good cup of coffee while writing the next chapter on my book. I love it.

  • From the writier in the kitchen to all of you I send my love. – Hetty

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