The Beautiful Island of Crete

Hey everyone!

Monday, a new week and a new day filled with new opertunities and doors to be open.

Today I’m going to talk a little bit about my experience with the Greek cousine. I love Greek food, the Greek kitchen and everything about it. But I was rather unlucky this time around, I’ve been to Greece for countless of times growing up and the food is Amazing with a capitcal A. But this time around I was disapointed, the food I ordered and the food got was mostly tasteless. Nothing, zip, nada taste At all. Greek food is always filled with flavores and great technics, and is never tasteless. I know I was unlucky this time because I know how good Greek food really is. After countless of tasteless food, I found this really good restaurant that served the best stake I tasted while I was there. It’s not the best on a world-wide-basis. But it was the best of the food I got served when I was on the Island.

The Greeks has great spice mixes and in general knows how to prep good food. So I bought my self a Greek cook book ( That I managed to leave behind. — All though I have one at home as well, so it’s no problem.) and some Greek spices. I’m excited about getting to use these seasoning blends into my own dishes, and new reicpes.

One thing that Greece has to offer that I love is dinner with a view. The Sunset in Greece is magical. The sun going down into the ocean making the sky look amazing in a red/blue/purpule color. The sunrise is beautiful too, amazing even.

We had some great days by the pool, on the beach and we even took a train ride to this amazing monistary up in the mountains and we went wine tatsing in an old wineyard. I had an amazing vacation in Greece, even though the food was tasteless.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a new post, so stay tuned and be sure to drop by tomorrow for a new post.

  • Hetty

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