Almost a year since I lost my mom.

Hey everyone!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately, my mom has almost been gone for a year. The day of her death is coming up November 6th, and it’s really been hard for me to do anything other than dive into my writing. I’ve been eating toast for dinner the past two weeks because I’ve been writing on full-speed.

But Yesterday got me thinking, I’ve had a hard time getting into my blogging after my mom died, that’s no lie. But I’ve tried and failed to get back to my blogging. I then remembered why I started this blog in the first place, to make people fall in love with cooking again, to show people my life in the kitchen and how you can make easy, fun, and delish dishes on any budget.

I’ve been too focused on creating new recipes all the time, and not always having the time or the appetite to do so. But there are so many things happening in the kitchen and so many dishes that are simple and simply improved. I thought why can’t I share my hacks and my tips and tricks in the kitchen as well as new recipes and food talk. That’s what it’s all about, the kitchen is one of the rooms in a home/house/apartment etc that people gather together, eat, talk, share ideas, recipes, talk about anything and everything. It’s a a place where you can remember the good times, the bad times and creat new memories.

So , this time I will do my very best to stay put because I know my mom would have wanted me to work hard on this blog because she always loved reading it, and go recipe testing with me. SO in her spirit and with confidence that this could become something great I will continue, and I will be posting a new post every-day. If I have a bad day or a good day you’ll hear about it, new recipes, old recipes, tricks, hacks and ideas for your kitchen is coming up and I’ve finally feeling like this is the right thing to do and I love it. Because the truth is I love to cook, write and have good glass of wine while cooking a good meal for family and firends.

This is a place to share your stories, your food experiene, recipes and so much more.

I’m happy to be back, and I finally feel like I got this, I finally feel like things may turn out ok.

Grieving can be difficult, and we all grieve differently. But in the end, we’re all in the same boat. When we lose a parent no matter what age or stage we are in life it’s hard. Maybe some of the hardest thing you’ll go through in life. The more battles we fight, the more we go through in life the stronger we become and the more ready we are for what ever happens in life even though we tend to forget about the battles we’ve fought when a new battle is in front of us. But if we take a minute to think about that, we can get through anything. Losing my mom was the worst thing that has happened to me, and it will always be the worst. But htere will be hardtimes coming around every now and then but then I think about all the good things that happens as well and if there wasn’t bad things happening to us then we wouldn’t be able to embrace the good. So the bad teaches us to apriciate the good days even more and the good days makes us feel like — oh, no everything is so good that something bad has to happen soon and we go around worrying that something bad is about to happen because our lives are “too good to be true” sometimes, and then when the bad comes — it seems like we’re taking it harder the higher up on the happyness scale we are the longer down we fall.

This was a lot of deep talk for one post I guess, and not that food related either but the kitchen is made for deep conversations and a good glass of wine. ( all though I’m not drinking wine today.) but still, it’s always five a clock somewhere and it’s actually 5.36 p.m as we “speak” so I guess I could take a sip if I wanted to.

Signing off the kitchen today, planing on posting a really nice post tomorrow or monday morning about my good old taco childhood memories. See you then! In the meantime I hope y’all are having an amazing day. Go out and have fun or stay inside and make some delish meals with family and frineds. Enjoy this beautiful fall day in late September!

  • Hetty

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