🍁Wine and cheese night🍁

Hey everyone!

Another day is here to great us, it’s raining and truth be told I’m loving the fall weather. Inside or outside I love it! If you really know me you know that I Love all the seaosns of the year equally as much. Fall, autum, what ever you want to call it, it’s as beautiful ad the light of day. I’m having a ” laundry day today” something that resaulted in me wearing one green and one pink sock. But what you gonna do when it’s laundry day, right? hah!

While I’m writing this post, the wind is still, it’s almost stopped raining, I’ve planned todays dinner, and reflecting on yesterdays wine and cheese night and it makes me smile, even laugh a little. We used about an hour and a half to get the wine open. First we tried with an old wine opener, then when that didn’t work, several attempts later, the wine was full of cork and we still had no chance of opening it up. We litterally destroyed a good bottle of wine. Then we tried on another bottle, and with a couple of youtube videos, googeling and using all our strength, about 30 minutes after the first hour of trying with the first one, we finally manage to get the cork out without destroying the cork or the wine. We then finally enjoyed a good glass of red, while we had some cheese and watched a couple of episodes of Criminal Minds. Which is one of my favorite TV-shows.

The cheese was good, I took a little too much of the chili cheese we had, I had no idea it was that hot even though it contained chili. Who could have known. hah!

I’ve learend to love a good glass of redwine, nothing better when you’re standing in the kitchen making food with friends than to share a bottle of wine while cooking up some great recipes on the stove. And.. There is no shame of doing this alon either. If you love wine and you love cooking, there is nothing wrong with enjoying a glass of wine while cooking up your favorite recipe, even if you are alone.

Coming up tomorrow is an easy way to make your own amazing homemade pizza. It’s easy, it’s fun, cook together as a family, with the kids or the rest of the family or simply if you’re alone. No matter what this is a great way to make your own favorite pizza in a few easy steps. This is coming up tomorrow and I’m excited about it. because I love a good pizza any day of the week.

I hope all of you are having an amazing Wednesday so far, enjoy the fall weather and the beautiful colors that are to see all around us this fine October day.

I’m signing off for today but I will be back tomorrow with a new post.

Coming up tomorrow is *Drumroll* ; Homemade Pizza

  • Hetty

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