Pizza Night and a movie!

Hey everyone!

New day, the weekend is almost here. We started the Weekend a little early and decieded to have a pizza night yesterday. Who doesn’t love a good pizza am I right? Well, we decided to make our own instead of ordering takeout. Today I’m going to talk a little about how you easily can make your own pizza ina 1-2-3. I’m positive that you will love this as much as I do, because it’s simply tasty, easy and quick tomake.

Yesterday I used a roll-out pizza dough. I simply rolled it out on to a baking tray. I added my favorite pizza sauce, spread it evenly out, I cooked some ground beef until it was no longer pink, added a spice mix for pizza filling and followed the instructions on the back and added the exact ammount of water needed and let it simmer for about 5 minutes. then I added it evenly on the pizza.I had bought a pack of peperoni and one pack of meatballs all pizza topping-size that I added. Then I used half a box of canned corn, sliced up some mushrooms and put it on as well. I topped it all off with grated cheese and put it in the oven as written on the pizza dough lable for 13 minutes or so. The time and the oven degrees will vary from pizza dough to pizza dough.

Making your own home made pizza is all about taking all of your favorite ingredients and add it as topping. You can add whatever you like, and it’s perfect for family quality time in the kitchen as well. You can easily involve your kids in the making of the pizza, let them add thir favorite meats and vegetables. Make a memory out of it, and take photos. It will be a memory they or you never will forget.

Growing up we didn’t have a lot of money, we had mroe than enough to get by but we had a lot of simple but yet amazing dishes. When I grew up my mom always made the pizza dough from scratch, it was much cheaper and they didn’t have any roll-out doughs in the 90’s. She would use a canned “Pizza filling” that she spread out on the pizza. IT was all in one — pizza sauce and filling. we added some canned corn and cheese and we put it into the oven. It was easy, and it was tasty. Perfect meal and somehting I will remember forever. Even though it wasn’t organic or even though it was canend goods it was amazing, the best pizza I’ve ever had. Sadly they don’t sell that canned pizza filling anymore or I would for sure have bought it again. This is a good memory for me, a memory I will remember for as long as I live.

We are human, eat what you want, be heathy in a nomral way and don’t think about all the post about becoming a size zero or anything like that. Our generation is too focused on being as thin as a tooth pick, and not eating enoguh. There are some poeple, like me that needs to loose weight because of a varierty of reasons. But I go for walks, I eat varied and that is they key to loosing weight in a normal way. No pills, no salad every day, no diets. Simply eating varied and heatlhy. I’m no nutritun-doctor but I know this has worked for me in the past, and I know it will again.

Eat what you love, you only live once, make the best of it, eat the best of it. Yesterdat We watched an animated movie called MR.Link, it was so sweet. You should see it if you haven’t already, it’s out on Itunes. Pizza and movie night is sort of a must sometimes, it’s almsot mandatory to have a movie night if you’re having a pizza night. So a movie night it became.

Tomorrow we’re baking buns with vanilla cream! I¨’m super excited about it, I’ve never made this recipe before or buns with vanilla cream in general before. So, this could go two ways. One – either it goes well and we end up with tasty vanilla cream buns or .. — The secound alternative — it goes as south as it gets, and we end up with un-eatable buns. I have no idea which one is going to be, but no matter what It for sure will be a post about it tomorrow.

I hope all of you are having an amazing Thursday and I hope to see all of you back here tomorrow for a new post about my Friday baking.

Signing off the ktichen for today..

  • Hetty

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