Kitchen confessions with Hetty!

Hey everyone!

The past four days.. What to say. The thing is that my aunt invited people to come over for a Chrismtas brunch on December 27th. I have to get up at 3.30 a.m to make it work, since she told them to come 11.00 a.m. I’m sure that for the past four days I havn’t had any air. I fell completly apart, for something as “small” as this. Reasons? well, my aunt always invie or reinvite people to an earlier time. If my mom told our guests to arrive at 3 p.m my aunt would secretly call them and tell them to be there at noon instead. This was somehting that really pissed off my mom. Now she’s doing it again sort of, telling me when to have guests during th eChristmas holidays and what to eat and It’s begining to piss me off a little.

On December 25th we’re having a Christmas lunch, and no dinner, I’m not going to have like two days with no dinner. SO I had to make a plan on what to serve at 11. am if it ain’t lunch. I’ve been a zombie for the past four days, going for walks with the dogs, otherwise I’ve simply just been in zombie mode. But as I woke up today I decided to put everything to do with December 27th in a box way in the back of my head until further notice and get back to working on my book and my blogging.

The buns I made with vanilla cream is ready and that post is coming up tomorrow.

Today I wanted to explain what happened the past four days, and to talk about this weeks menu and blog posts.

I’m sitting here in the cold, trying to figur out what to make for dinner this week. I’ve turned up the heat, because it was started to get cold as Ice in here. Luckily I’ve seen the landlord turn off the heat so I knew how to do it, and MAN! I’m glad I did, I was so cold and tired earlier this morning that I went back to bed wearing a wool cardigen. Now the apartment is finally started to heat up and I’m no longer THAT cold. Still wearing the wool cardigen but the blanket is gone, so even though it takes time for heat to reach a normal point again it’s getting there.

I need to cut my food budget like crazy, I can no longer affrod to eat “what ever I want” meaning I need to choose my ingredients and my dishes more carefully. I can still eat and make what I want, but not to the extent I used to. To acctually be able to have breakfast and dinner for a month I have to plan, and put up a more reasnable budget and make sure there is enough money for everything. First comes the things we need in the household, breakfast and general things. Then when I see what’s left of the budget which isn’t much to divde into dinners for a whole month. I know people have been in my position before, I know I’m not the onmly ” poor” woman in the world, and I like to make it into a challenge. How I can come up with cool, tasty dishes on a low food budget. I know I will make it work, but It’s going to be tight and it’s going to be hard. But It’s perfectly possible and it will be fun.

Some of the things coming up this week is ham and cheese pie, muffins/cupcake baking, a really good, easy and cheap chicken fillet dish, and much more. So stay tuned for more and of course the buns with vanilla cream recipe that I made the otherday will be posted as well. So baking and dinner recipes, all new and all coming out this week!

I hope you have an amazing Tuesday so far andI really hope to see you back here tomorrow for a new post, and I can tell you it’s going to be the vanilla buns.

Signing off the kitchen today..

  • Hetty 🙂

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