🧁Cupcakes – Baking Sunday🧁

Hey everyone!

Halloween is right around the corner, scary coustums, or sweet princesses, peppa pig and fairies. Halloween is a time to dress up and be whatver or whom ever you want to. Are you a Pennywise or maybe you’re going as wonderwoman this year, no matter what it will be great I’m sure.

Today I made cupcakes, I was planning on making cupcakes with an orange frozting – decorated with candycorn. But they where all out of orange food coloring in the store, and I tried to blend red and yellow because that would normally become orange but I added too much red so it turned out looking like Christmas instead. So I decided to use my pink food coloring and make sugar sweet cupcakes instead.

Today is one of those days when I simply had to choose how to use my time – best way possible. I’m planning on getting a lot of work done with my book this week, as well as focusing on my blogging. Therefor I have a all-in-one-to-do-list today. Baking cupcakes, making dinner, clean the house, go for long walks with the dogs, and change the bedding. I’m going to end the day with a face-mask and a shower and maybe a cup of tea or something. It’s been a while since I’ve had tea and it’s acctually pretty good so i’m going to go for that.

I will post a link to my muffin recipe below, be sure to check it out. Tomorrow I will be posting an update on Next weeks posts, and hopefully I will see you back here tomorrow for a new post.

Have anyone seen the Tv-series ; Siren? I’ve watched, I’m on the 6th episode and so far it’s pretty interesting. Anyone else watching this show? leav a coment down below and let me know.

My recipe for cupcakes

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