The hot-dogs exploded..

Hey everyone!

The past coule of day s have beeen hard, sometimes you simply have to put on a smile even though all of you want to do is cry. But I’ve been diving into my book with all it’s worth, trying to get as much work done as possible. Today, I’m still working on my book but as I’m having lunch, I thought it would be perfect to write a post to all of you.

I was supposed to have this great about hot dog toppings today. What happened was that they literally exploded in the pan. They grew bigger and bigger then they started cracking up, not a little but like deep down in the middle, they started smelling wired and Boom. Not eating hot dogs for a while for sure. This really wired me out. I’ve never seen anything like it nor have I have heard about this happen. But I have another topic that I’m going to talk about instead, and i’m super excited about sharing this with y’all.

Some of you might think this a little early, but I simply can’t wait anylonger. Christmas, let’s talk about Christmas. I’m super excited about Christmas this year, and I’m planing on taking y’all with me this wonderful December, both on here, on Insta, Snapchat and on Facebook. It’s going to be an amazing December.

Baking, shopping, decorating, I do have a lot to do book writing wise, but I will do my best to sqeez everything in and I’m super excited about Christmas this year. It’s my very first Christmas on the Island, and I’m going to go nutts decorating this apartment to the core. I’m so excited about it. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and even though we got a little over a month to go that’s perfectly fine for me because I have a lot of planning to do to make everyhting go perfectly together.

November 15th I will be posting a promo for Christmas on Hetty’s home kitchen and there is so much to look forward to y’all! Mark your calander folks, Christmas is coming to town! 🙂

  • Hetty

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