Thanksgiving week!

This dizziness is killing me, all I’ve been able to do for the past week or so is to go for walks with the dogs and sleep. People keep asking me it’s like riding a carousel or if it feels like I’m on a boat with high waves. I’m like, well.. It’s like riding a never-ending rollercoaster with loops.

But as of right now, I’m more or less in the carousel so I’m able to write at least.

I’ve been sorting out all the Christmas decorations and located everything I need in December. I’m so excited about Christmas this year, and it will be so much fun decorating this apartment for Christmas. It’s my very first Christmas here, and that is something that is very exciting for me, I get a fresh start, I get to start over and I get to create my own memories and my own Christmas traditions mixed with the old I already have. Christmas is so different “alone” than when my mom was alive. But I’m trying my best this year to make it amazing, cheerful, joyful and the best Christmas ever. Because I know my mom would have wanted it that way.

Today I simply threw together an easy pasta dish because I’ve been exhausted today and simply wanted to make something quick and easy. My improved pasta with a meat sauce, I’ve posted the recipe a million times here on Hetty’s home kitchen which is why I’ve decided not to repost it for the million and one times. It’s not that fun for y’all to get re-posted posts all the time so if you are interested in the recipe and you’re new here, then simply search pasta sauce in the search engine on the top of my page to the right and you will get the recipe easy and quick.

I have a confession to make, I’ve already started wrapping some of the Christmas gifts I’ve bought. Reason being that if I were to wrap it all on the same day I would probably be done wrapping by Christmas 2020. So I have to divide it into several wrapping days. I will have a Christmas present wrapping day in my vlog X-Mas this year, but there will be plenty of gifts to wrap then as well so don’t you worry about that.

This upcoming week is Thanksgiving, I’m really excited about it because it’s one of my favorite holidays. But I’m also freaking out because a lot of people are coming and there is a lot of food to be made that I need to get right and that is something that freaks me out. I’m always worried about how the turkey will turn out but I feel like I have even more pressure this year than the past years. Not only are there a lot of people coming over but also because I feel like everything needs to be perfect and there is not as easy to order a pizza if everything goes wrong as it has been before.

I’m talking to my general doctor next time I have an appointment about my dizziness and why I have trouble eating. Not something I look forward to but It might be necessary.

Anyway, there won’t be a blast of posts this week because I’m working on December with Hetty 2k19 and on top of that I have to clean the whole house just in time for the holidays. First up Thanksgiving then Christmas. So It’s gonna be a tight week for sure. But Tomorrow I’m cleaning the whole house and today I’m turkey hunting. Well, I’m not actually going to hunt a turkey but I’m doing my best to find a store online or local that has the turkey I need in time for Thursday. I’ve currently been to two stores already and NO turkey. I do on the other hand have a backup plan. Hopefully, I don’t have to use my backup plan but sometimes that’s all you can do. If I can’t get a hold of the turkey or whatever then I have to with lasagna, garlic bread and a large bowl of salad on the side.

Hopefully, I will get a hold of a Turkey and this Thanksgiving dinner will be saved.

I hope all of you are having an amazing day and y’all are ready for December with Hetty starting on Sunday!Β 

  • Henriette

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