Moving – Writing & Beyond!

Hey everyone!

I’m moving to a new apartment on March 1st. New city, new adventures. I do feel a little like Carie Bradshaw; Living in the city, writing, expensive apartment I barely can afford and I use the little amount of money I have left, on food and bills. But On the other hand, when your budget is tight as F – you actually work even harder to reach your goals and that is what I tend to do.

My fur babies come first, then writing, blogging and cooking. All though I need to be super creative food-wise because my food budget is tight as heck. But somehow I will have food on the table every day. So I’m blessed.

Moving is super stressful, and I’m planning on vlogging on Snapchat as much as I can during this whole process. Take y’all on a little tour of my life while moving to a new apartment. I’m excited and terrified at the same time, a new place, a new town and a new chapter of my life. I feel like these chapters are coming on faster than my book chapters sometimes. Well, somehow I’m going to make all this work.

Drinking my morning coffee, writing this post before I’m diving into some book-work. I’m also making something new for dinner tonight and I will upload a dinner tip/recipe later tonight.

Looking at my dining table/ my writing desk. When you don’t have room for an office, you gotta use what you have, in my case that’s the dining table. When I think about it — my new apartment is half the size of my current apartment. That scares me a little, but I still get to use my dining table as an office. The only downside is when you get guests over, then you have to put everything away, and when they leave, you use a day to organize everything again. If someone was to walk in here while I’m using the dining table for my writing it looks like chaos, but as for me, I know where to find anything and everything in my chaos. But soon my writing “chaos” turns into a “moving” chaos. Soon I will be writing from a cardboard box – zipcode unknown for a while.

Signing off for the afternoon — gotta get back to my writing. I will be back tonight with a new recip/dinner tip. be sure to drop by later for a new post. I will post a link on facebook, Snapchat and instagram to tongihts post.

I hope y’all have an amazing Monday!

  • Hetty

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