Bouquet of flowers!

Hey everyone!

I love interior design, decorating and there’s nothing like a fresh bouqett of flowers to make it all a little better.

I’ve always loved to fix up a room – giving a my old bedroom a fresh coat of paint, maybe fix up some of the furnitre, and buy a new set of bedding. Or buy some new decor for the living room or give the old guest bedroom a fresh breath of air. There is so much you can do to make a room come alive, to make it breath again. Me and my mom always loved fixing up the house and changing the wallpaper, fix up an old chair or to buy something new. We never used a lot of mony on it either, and there is a lot you can do with a limitied ammount of money if all you want to do is just give the room a new look for some reason.

I love flowers, and I always buy a new plant every now and then to make it a little nicer around me. Flowers makes me happy, and a for Valentines day this year I got the most beautiful bouqett of pink tulips and everytime I look at them it makes me smile. Flowers are important and creat a lot more happiness than we might even realize.

I’ve wanted to creat this category for a while now, and I’m so happy I finally did, because now I can write posts about everything interior or decor realted happening in my life as well as the food I’m cooking. Interior design and decor is the inviorment we creat for ourselves inside the walls of our own house, it’s something that effects us positivily in our daily life, or negativily if it looks like shitt. If I have too much chaos around me, I feel like shitt. But If I’ve just celaned the house, bought some new flowers, and maybe lighten some candles, on a Friday night I feel great. I feel like I’ve a home I’m proud of. My dining always looks messy thought because It’s my office, and I have controle over every thing, even each post it note floating around. But I have to work on my book somewhere and the dining table is large enough for now to have eveyhting I need around me. I do on the other hand have a large bouqett of flowers on the dinding table as well, togive a little extra joy to my “working desk”.

  • Hetty

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