Left over lasagna!

Leftovers are great any night of the week, yesterday I had leftover lasagna for dinner. Me and my good Friend Mathile celebrated Galentines day on Valentines day this year. So I made lasagna, and it was a hit. I always love eating left over lasagna the next day. It’s almsot like it actually tastes better the next day, rather than the day you actually make it.

The past year, my friends have pointed out that I don’t nearly as much leftover food as I could have. So this year I’m all about putting the leftovers in the fridge and use it to creat new dishes, or simply eat it as they are.( pending on what it is. ) I’m also trying to loose wight, that is something that I’m very determand to do this year. Not because of any “pressure” from society, but because of heath beneifts, simply because I want to eat better and be the most heatlhy sick person I can be, if that makes any sence. If you follow my blog you already know I have a immunodeficiency disease, and that I have more sick-days than non-sick-days. Loosing weight and eating healthier won’t make me less sick ( I was thin as a stick when I first got my diagnoses.) But I will keep me form getting diabetes, cradiological illnesses etc. So that’s why I’ve decided to loose some wight.

I hope all of you are having an amazing Sunday, and that you get an even more amazing new week!

  • Hetty

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