Lefter over Chicken!

This a dish that is too easy to make, full of flavor and perfect for any day of the week. Best thing of all, use all your favorite ingredients to make it fit your family. Want it spicy? add more spices, don’t like this or that? switch it out with something you like!

This is a dish I made the other day, I had forgotten all about dinner and took a look in the fridge and in the freezer. I found some shreddad chikcen, sun dried tomatoes, stir-fry vegetable mix, mushrooms and some creamy potatoes. I thought; There’s got to be a way to make this work together, and it turns out it was.


Shreddad Chicken

Sundried Tomatoes

Creamy potaotes,


Stir-fry vegetebales


Kosher salt


Chicken & Stake seaosning mix ( Santa Maria seasonin mix.)



How to make it:

  1. Pour some EVOO into an Iron skillet. Add in the Chicken, season with salt, pepper, chili and the Chicken&Stake seasoning mix. After 5 minutes, add inn the sundried tomatoes.
  2. Slice up the mushrooms and add them into a pan with some butter. Season with salt and pepper. Cook them until they’ve reached a golden brown color. When the mushrooms are ready, add them into a bowl and put aside for now.
  3. Add some butter into a saucepan and add inn the creamy potaotes to heat them up.
  4. In the same pan, add some EVOO before adding inn the stir-fry vegetables. Season with salt, pepper and chili.
  5. When the vegetables are tender add inn the mushrooms and let it coom for another 2 minutes or so. When they’re done, add everything into seperate servering bowls and sevre it up on the table.

This is basically all the result of leftovers I had in the fridge/freezer so it’s easy to change the recipe after what you have in your fridge.

Let’s call this leftover – Sundays!

  • Hetty

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