Say What? OMG!

Hey Everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Things have been a little crazy latley. First of all I moved, then I got in a conflict with my previous landlord, I contacted my lawyer and she sent a letter to try to my previous landlord in hope that we don’t have to go to court. I’m sceard of my my privous landlord. Rumer has it that he’s more like Tony Sopranos than I had ever thoguth. But I’m not going to listen to rumers, but truth is that I’m still afraid of him. Fingers crossed that everything works out and that I don’t have to be afraid anymore.

This wasn’t all that happened, someone stole my credit card and withdrew 10.000 NOK. The police department ended the investigation because they had no clues what so ever to who ever the usub might be. The money is gone and all I can do is to pay the bill. It sucks, but there is nothing I can do about this now.

Then on top off it all, the Corona virus arrived in Norway and Norway is in lock-down-mode. I mostly stay indoors, order my groceries online, and I only go out of the house when I’m taking the dogs for a walk or when I’m relaxing on the pattio with a good book away from any other humanbeings out there. Sort of a self-isolation to stay safe during these difficult times. My friend Belle and Sarah is in quarantine so I’ve been adviced to stay as far away from them as possible until they no longer have any symptoms.

Other that Chris, my best friend from Oslo, he turns 30 next Saturday so he’s coming over next Sunday to celebrate. He’s stying a week, he’s a 100% healthy and does not have any symptoms at all when it comes to Covid-19 so the hospital said it’s ok for him to come visit me since non of us are sick. I was very happy about this. I haven’t seen him since January so it’s going to be nice to see him again.

I’ve not been eating well lately, but that is changing now. But the thing is that because of the Covid-19 thing going on, my life is a never-ending episode of Chopped. It’s going to be fun, challenging, and it might not turn out so great from time to time. We’ll just have to see how it goes. If all goes well, I will post the recipe. If It all goes down the drain, I will make a post about how it all went so wrong.

Moving wise, I’m starting to get settled in, it looks a little chaotic here at the moment, but it’s starting to get a whole lot better than what it was, that’s for sure. By the end of Friday, I will be posting a video on youtube and here how it all looks. I’m excited to show you all how it looks. My office is though all over my dining table.

Same me, differnet Zip-code!

  • Hetty

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