OMG! What Just Happened!

Hey everyone!

I’ve been diving into a new world I’ve only seen on TV, not the good kind to be honest. I’ve lawyered up because it turns out my former Landlord is a criminal. Now I’m afraid of him showing up at my new address, I’m paying my lawyer a massive amount of money to help me, and I can’t get a lawyer for free, because my income is right above that limit. So here I’m trying to make ends meet, I’m still standing, and I’m doing more investigative work than a P.I. Trying to dig deep into this case is making me terrified, to be honest. If anything were to happen to me, y’all know who did it. I’m sure I’m perfectly safe, but it still feels creepy and terrifying. The reason I’ve been away for some time is that I’ve been working on this case – day an night.

Over to something more fun and uplighting, Easter is headed our way. It’s going to be a different Easter than I’m used to due to The COVID-19. But I’m planning to have my own Easter egg hunt, watch Easter-crime-shows, make something a little extra tasty and just take it easy. Work on my blogging and on my book. The reason I choose not to have any visitors is that I feel like a guinea pig these days, I’ve increased my treatment to three times a week instead of twice a week for two months. It’s not easy for my friends to understand why I feel this way, and that’s perfectly fine but I still feel this way. I have people contacting me on social media who always want to cure me, who want to know everything about my disease, and I know most of them mean well, but it’s exhausting and I’m so sick and tired about it. Another thing my friends don’t understand. It’s one of those things that can’t be understood unless you have been through something similar I guess. But then again there is one of four people who’s my friends who truly understands. But I don’t blame them, it’s not always easy to understand the unknown.

Again over to Easter, I love Easter, it’s such a colorful and beautiful holiday with so much meaning, and to me, it’s also a sign of Spring. Even though I’m spending the holidays alone this year doesn’t mean I can’t make it great. I’ve decorated my apartment for Easter and I can’t wait to show y’all how it turned out! I’m giving y’all a house tour this Easter, I was supposed to do that this past Friday but everything was so chaotic and messy that I decided to wait until Easter to show y’all. I’m super excited about it. As for recipes I will be baking tomorrow, and I will be posting the recipe, I’m also having lasagna this upcoming week, and that’s even better the next day so no worries if there are any leftovers! Then I will be eating omelets, I will also be making my “famous” pasta sauce from scratch. It takes 3 hours to make but it’s so worth it, and the best thing is that this time I’m making double, which means I get a lot of leftovers to put in the freezer, and it makes it so much easier to just defrost a bag of delicious pasta sauce, and the only thing you have to do is to put some garlic bread in the oven, warm up the sauce and cook some pasta. It’s perfect. I will be posting the recipe for this double sauce this upcoming week. Another thing I will be making is Chicken Tacos on the go and meat patties in gravy with potatoes and stewed vegetables. I have posted that recipe before but since I’ve gotten a few requests about re-posting it I will do that this week as well.

My best friend Chris is spending the week with me, celebrating his 30th birthday, we’ve had so much fun, and he’s been helping me with a few things. He’s also watching over me since it’s the first week I’m going to have three treatments instead of two. I haven’t seen him since late January so It’s so nice that he’s finally here again. He’s hopefully coming back just in time for my Birthday in May. I’m super excited about my 30th birthday and hopefully, he will be able to come to visit me in time for that.

I hope all of you stay safe during this whole COVID-19 thing, and I hope to see all of you back here tomorrow for a new post and a new baking recipe that is to die for!!

  • Hetty

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