Bad days, good days and the inbetweens.

Hey everyone!

Yet a wonderful day and Friday is here. Waking up every mornig is a gift, a gift I’m very greatful to get every morning. As many of you know I have
immune failure disease also known as Hypogammaglobulinemi. It’s such a long word. Anyway, the point being that I sometimes have more “bad” days than “good” days. On my bad days I have to be bed all day, and all I manage to do outside of bed is go for walks with the dogs and make something to eat. I’m often exhausted, sometimes I’m feeling realy sick and other times I’m in pain mostly from a sinus infection or really bad headaches – migrenes. But as long as I’m just exhausted I usually manage to work form bed – that’s the upsdie to writing a book, you can write anywhere. But I also have good days and those are the days I love to cook.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the food I’m eating, what I actually put into my body and a month from now, May 20th to be exact I’m chaning the way I eat. I will be eaing a whole lot better than I do now, and I will be more aware of what I put into my body. There will be about 4 burger meals during that month, but that is the only “unhealthy” thing I’m eating that month. I will on the other hand make it as heathy as I possibley can that’s for sure. It was on sale, and I didn’t have a lot of money left in my food budget so burgers it was. But I will as I said, make it as healthy as I possibley can. There will be a lot of great new recipes coming out that month and I’m super excited to share them all with you.

Another thing I’m working on these days are my out-door-pattio area. I bought what I thought was Perennials turns out it was seeds and roots to be planted. So, today I planted all the seeds and roots, watered them and I’m hoping for the best and that they will be able to bloom this summer. If not it will look kind of sad out there to be honest. *Fingers Crossesed* That they will look amazing this summer. I’ve also been in contact with a man that is helping me get ridd of all the trash on the pattio on May 5th. It’s going to be totally amazing to get ridd of it all. I’ve been waiting on that to happened since the beginning of March. I can’t wait to show you all how it looks this summer, when I’ve fixed everything, and everything is ready.

I hope y’all are having an amazing day so far, and and even more amazing weekend where ever you are in the world!

  • Hetty

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