Never stop beliving in yourself!

Hey everyone!

It’s a wonderful today and I’m relaxing out on the pattio, having a “patio office” kind of day. I love being able to work outside on the patio like this, it brings back so many good memories. I’ve been struggeling lately, the past few days I’ve had a really bad headcahe on top of a really bad sinsus infection. So all I’ve managed to do the past week or so is to go for walks with the dogs and sleep. But I feel a lot better today, and the headache is almost gone and that’s amazingbecause at one point it was so extreme that I considered going to the ER.

But today I’m doing great, I’m going to get my routine back on track as well so tomorrow it’s back to getting up at 7 am and start the day. and I’m really looking forward to it. I need to have routines to function so back to routines it is, and I always have so much to do, and to have time to get everything done in time I need to get up early just like I used to do.

My patio project is coming along pretty great and I really love how it’s turned out so far. I have different “zones” We have the jacuzzi area, the lounge area, the dining area, and what is supposed to be a herb-outdoor kitchen corner. But I’m still working on that one to be as I want to. Currently, it’s just a bunch of herbs and a small table with roses. But I’m getting there. I thought about making my own sort of outdoor kitchen island. But we’ll see how that one goes. But for now, I’m pretty satisfied with what I got done so far.

I’ve heard some rumors that this year’s summer will be even hotter than the one we had back in 2k18. If so and if the weathers continue to be as good as today I’m for sure not going to complain at all for sure, Even though it’s a little windy today it’s perfect! I would have loved it even more without the wind but it’s still a hot and beautiful day!

Most of you know that I lost my mom in November 2018 and most of you know how close we were. It’s been a rollercoaster ride, but now that I’ve finally realized it’s not about getting back to what was but to move forward to what will be that matters — I’m happier and I feel like a new me, a better and stronger me.I’m going to work my ass off to make my dreams come true and I’m going to show all the doubters in my life that I can do this! Because I truly believe that you can do anything you put your mind to. Do you want to be an actor? a singer? film producer, writer? a chef? a hairstylist? whatever you want to do or become you can do it! it requires hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and a whole lot of early mornings and late nights of work. But in the end, it’s worth it. Nothing good comes easy, you have to work for it, make it work. Put your soul into it. Along the way, as you climb your mountain of success you will find new mountains to climb. Just never stop climbing, keep going, and never give up because you can do this!

In general, it’s all about moving forward and look at the past as just that, the past. It’s hard, sometimes it’s a struggle and you feel like your past is haunting you. But If you let go of the bad stuff, let go of what used to be and choose a new road you want to be on, you can change, you can start a new life. IT has taken me a lot of strength, it’s taken me a long time to let the past be the past, and to be able to move forward from what used to be. Good and bad. But I’m happier, more myself than I’ve ever been. I’ve not only chosen to let the negative people in my life go, but I’ve also found my inner strength. I’ve started to work out, something I never ever thought I would do but it’s given me a new life in itself. I feel so much better inside, and it makes me feel clean and better on the inside. It’s wired, but it’s the truth.

It’s only 3 a clock and I’m already enjoying a glass of white wine while writing, but Hey! it’s always five o clock somewhere right?

It’s nothing better than to enjoy a good wine in the shadow, writing mt next crime novel. It sounds more idlyllic than it is, but it’s pretty amazing to be honest. My friend Belle is coming over for pizza later today, I got to get up early in the morning and she likes to sleep until noon but there is no reason why I can’t get up at 7 and she can’t sleep in. I just feel better when I wake up early and get started because I always have a lot ot do and a busy scedhual so I need to get eveyrhting done even though I have visitors and guests. But my friends know it, and they respect it so it’s not a problem for me luckily.

Friends are there to support you if they don’t they’re not truly your friends. I have a lot of friends who don’t believe in me but the thing is that I don’t care, it’s they’re loss. When I make it, when I reach my goals they will still be where they are today but I would still support them because I’m not the kind of person who doesn’t believe in my friends. So my advice to you if you have friends who don’t believe in you, don’t listen to them. Because the most important thing is that you believe in yourself. Never stop believing in yourself. As long as you believe in yourself nothing can stop you. Keep going, keep fighting, and whatever you do never ever stop believing in yourself.

I hope you have an amazing day and I hope to see you back here tomorrow for a new post!

  • Hetty

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