Hetty’s Whipped Ice-Coffee

Hey everyone!

The weather is great, the sun is shining and it’s all about the summer! This summer is going to be different then we all might have planned. But let’s make the most of it and do our very best to make it the best summer yet anyway. We might not be able to travel the world, but we can do our best to travel inside our own country. I’m planning a stay-cation and I’m happy about it. Some friends and family of mine are planning to have a small vacation at my house so there won’t be a dull moment for sure. On top of that, I’m planning to dedicate my summer to writing so I’ll have plenty to do that’s for sure.

I had my treatment yesterday so today I’m pretty exhausted and I know that it will be even worse tomorrow and tomorrow is treatment day again so that life. But I’m pretty used to it, so no matter how exhausted I might be I’m smiling.

It’s July and the summer season is here, I wanted to share my favorite ice-coffee recipe – Dalgona coffee. I’m pretty excited about it, I really love this recipe and I’m hooked, because suddenly I can’t go a sunny day without it. I need my daily dose of coffee every day and it’s not always a delight when it’s 100 degrees out and you’re sitting on your patio with a cup of hot coffee. That’s why I rarely drink hot coffee on hot summer days anymore. Nowadays I only drink Dalgona whipped ice coffee when it’s hot outside.

Here is my reicpe for whipped coffe ice-coffee (Dalgona coffee)


2 TBS Brasero nescafe

2 TBS Sugar

3 TBS Hot Water

2 DL Milk

5 Ice cubes

How to make Hetty’s whipped ice-coffe:

  1. Add the coffe, sugar and water into a small mixing bowl. Mix together with a rod mixer until you get a creamy consistancy.
  2. Add the Ice-cubes and milk into a glass, then add the whipped coffe on top. Use a straw to mix it all together. ( it will blend better when the ice-cubes have started to melt. but blend to the best of your ability.)
  3. Sevre it up cold, and right away.

I really love this ice-coffee and I hope y’all love it too! I hope to see you back here for a new post later today.

  • Hetty

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