Home Decor Tuesday

Hey everyone!

It’s the first day of fall y’all! I’m som excited! fianlly I don’t have to hide how happy I’m that fall is here! I love all the seaons equally as much. I feel like I’m already counting down the days until Thanksgiving. Last yearI was too sick to hoast. This year I’m going all inn and I’m hoping this will be an amazing Thanksgiving. But we still have a “long” ‘way to go before Thanksgiving is here.

I’ve been secreatly decorating for fall for a few weeks. Yup! that’s true, I have. The only time a year I go “orange” is on Halloween and on Thanksgiving. But I do change the decor every season, fall for me is everything cozy basically. I’m going for a dark blue vibe this fall with a hint of pink and white. Usually I have these really magical curtains that glitters but I’m putting them up after Christmas instead, and 3they’ll be my winter curtains. This fall I’m all about the blue. I feel like there is a color for every season. New Years eve is all about the glitter, the gold, dark blue and silver, Easter is allabout the yellow, then we have 4th of July witch all about hte red, white and blue, Halloween and Thanksgiving is all about orange and Christmas is all about the Red. Every season and every holiday has it’s own colors.

In the spring and in the summer we want more bright colors, and we want everything to pop and be bright and light. During Fall and winter we’re all about cozy colors and making everything look warm and welcoming. I love how the prospect of the season lays out wide alternative for us to choose form when it comes to choosing the right colors for the right season.

I love decorating, re-modeling and see how the amazing the result can be. Making the best with what you have, and the best out of every situation with the cards that you are given. That is something to live by as well.

I love how our sourondings can make us feel better about ourselves. If we are comfterbale, and like our sourondings we more likely to feel better too.

I feel like fall is a season that is best spent by spending time with family and friends. Growing up in a family where family dinenrs and get-togethers where very important. I feel the same way now as when I grew up. Family means everything to me, and for me to carry on the tradition of arranging and hoasting family dinners and get-tigether is an honor I don’t take for granted. I could be better at gathering family get togethers and dinners than I am. I’m working on getting better at it. Family is everything to me.

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