Fall thoughts and dreams!

Hey everyone!

Let me just begin to say that I really love fall! It’s October, the leaves are falling, the wind is pretty strong and it looks like we’re getting some rain later tonight. Next week I’m sending out Thanksgiving invitations and I’m excited about that too. I think that Thanskgiving this year might be a little different because I’m as broke as Oliver Twist, but who knows maybe I’ll write a new dickens novel. Just kidding. But I do have some excited news, I’m working on two novels at this point one in Norwegian and one in American/English. The Norwegian novel I startet working on this summer, and now out of the blue I have a lot of people wanting to read it just in time for Christmas. So I’m working my a** off to get it done in time for Christmas. I might not be able to publish it at a publishing house, but I for sure can print it and give to those interested for Christmas.

I love writing, and it’s my dream to be an auther. I don’t care about the money, because I know for a fact that most authors don’t make a lot of money. But all I want to do is write a book good enough so that people can’t put it down, a real page turner. I want to write stories that people can dive into, escape reality for a few minutes, or few hours. I know I love to read books that makes me escape reality sometimes, and that right there is key, that right there is worth every hour and every second writing. If I can just help one person escape their reality for seconds of a day that makes it all worth it. I want people to feel the same way I feel when I’m reading a good book.

I feel the same when I watch a Hallmark romantic comedie, It makes me belive that there always is a happy ending, and I really need that. I don’t like drama movies where they all die in the end, or a tradic romatic movie where they never ever get eachother in the end because it’s impossible or becasue someone dies. Because I need and I want to beilive in happy endings. Maybe because they’re so many horrible things happening all the time that I really need my happy ending romantic movies. I can watch romantic comedie hallmark movies over and over again I never get tired of them. They keep me going and they make me beilive that there is hope.

Some Sunday, fall dreams and thought on a Sunday morning. I hope y’all have a wonderfull and blessed Sunday.

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