Norwegian Christmas cookies and Christmas cheer!

Hey everyone!

I got off to a slightly rough start of December. I had my weekly treatment and it was a bit rough on me, I had little to no energi and all I managed to do was to go for walks with the dogs. I also managed to decorate for Christmas and put up the Christmas tree. I spent the first days of December going for walks with the dogs and watching Chrismtas movies on Netflix. I can really recomend watching Lilly and Dash a Christmas series on Netflix. IT’s super sweet and I got to dream my way through the rough days. Today I felt a lot better, and all though my stomach is filled with bruses from the needels I’m doing ok. For those of you who are new to my site, I have home treatment three times a week because I have a rare primary immunodeficiency disease. I struggle with fauttige and a lot of other side effects from my disease and the treatment often leaves me with no energy and sometimes black and blue from bruses on my stomach where I get my treatment. But I alsways got a smile on my face, and as long as I have my dogs and they’re heathy and happy, we got food on the table and roof over our heads and my bed to sleep in at night I’m happy.


100g Sugar ( plus a little ekstra for sprinkle.)

2 Egg ( 1 egg is for brushing.) 

150g Butter

250g All purpose flour

½ ts Kosher salt 

1ts Vanilla sugar

Chrushed almonds

Hvordan lage Mormors Serina kaker: 

  1. Mix Butter and sugar well together. Then add one egg. Blend it well together before adding the flour,salt and vanilla sugar. Blend it all well together.
  2. Kned the dough well together befor putting it into the fridge to cool down for about 45 minutes.
  3. Cut the dough in two. Roll out the dough into a sausgae and cut it into medium sized pices. Roll the pices into small balls and put them on a baking tray with a baking sheet on. Use a fork and gently press down each ball. Wisk the last egg into a cup, and use a baking brush to brush the cookies with eggs.
  4. Sprinkle some sugar and cruched almonds on top. Bake them in the oven at 190 degrees C for about 10-15 minutes.
  5. Let the cookies rest for about 10 minutes before serving/or before putting them into a cookie jar.

I hope y’all love this recipe as much as we do. This recipe have been in our family for years, and we’ve been making Serina cookies for generations for Christmas. Norwegian Christmas cookies, just what Santa ordered this year with a glass of milk and Santa’s happy!

It’s been a difficult year for a lot of people this year. The whole Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world we live in today. The pandemic have made us coser yet further away from eachother. We are closer in spirit and further apart in real life. But Thank god for zoom, skype, social media and technology as we know it. That way we can all stay conected through social media and zoom even though we are apart. I’m so Thankful that I have my dogs and that they are healthy. I’m also very thankful for having such amazing friends and family around me. Another thing I’m thankful for is that I have a roof over my head, a bed to sleep in at night, a bathroom and food on the table. Not everyone in this world have that privlege. There are many destenies out there, there are more homeless people out there than we will ever know about, families without food on the table and a bed to sleep in at night. There are a lot of people out there that we don’t know the story to. Many of them have lost it all, some are born into families that doesn’t have a home, that doesn’t make them less of a family. I wish I could help them all. Sometimes a simple gift of a book, a smile, a pice of bread, a meal and something to drink like a bottle of water could changes a persons life forever. It’s as simple as that. Say something nice to someone. Buy them a cup of hot chocolate or give them a book. If you’re in quarantine you could coment something nice on someones post on facebook, instagram, twitter, TikTok or any other soical media post there is. Call someone you haven’t talked to in ages or send somene a Christmas card. Put otgether a nice care package to someone you love or someone you think might need something posetive in their lives. Voulenteer at a soup kitchen or at a homeless shelter. Give out maskes to someone who doesn’t have the money to buy one for themselves. There is so much good yuou can do, and not just during Christmas and the holiday season but all year along. Let’s spread some cheer, and do something nice for one another, because there is so many people who needs a little extra currage, a little extra cheer this year. A lot of people have lost thir jobs, their houseing, a family memeber etc. 2020 have been a very difficult year for a lot of people. Let’s do something nice for all the people who might need it a little extra this year.

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