I’m a 28 y.o woman who have a strong passion for cooking and writing. On a daily bases I’m writing a Christmas novel. I currently live in the country side, I live with my wonderful mom who also happens to be one of my best friends. I have two dogs, a golden retriever called Stella( 9 years old) and a black Labrador called Cita ( 7 years old) I love to watch Baseball, Football, Basketball and sometimes Soccer. Binge watching my favorite TV shows on Netflix, and  I also love a fun night out with my friends. As I mentioned I have a strong passion for both cooking and writing so I though it would be perfect to blog about my life and food all in one.

I went one year on culinary school but sadly I didn’t finish due to personal reasons. But besides knife skills and plating I’ve learned almost everything I know from my mom, my grandmother, google and youtube. Mostly from my mom.  On this site I will be posting both personal posts about my life,  family recipes, Posts about different food cultures and a lot more. All content posted on this blog is my own and that will also be the reason why some photos might not be perfect and look wired.